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phD Education Program of Hand & Nail Harmony
The phD Education Program of Hand & Nail Harmony (“Harmony”) is constructed to help nail technicians achieve their individual goals at all levels by building and advancing their knowledge and skills.  This program is constituted by various courses from the beginner level to the advanced level.  A nail technician is required to complete a series of assessments, in order to be ultimately recognized as an Educator of Harmony, which is a true sign of dedication and passion for being the best that he/she can be in the nail industry.
We believe that nail technician is a vocation that has huge potential to be a very satisfying professional career.
If you are interested in the phD Education Program of Harmony, please feel free to contact us.
Hand & Nail Harmony專業導師資格課程
Hand & Nail Harmony專業導師資格課程(“Harmony導師課程”)的出現,是為了建立及提升美甲技師的知識和技術,從而讓他們能逹到不同層次的事業目標。Harmony導師課程由不同級別的課程所組成,它們分別為基礎至高等級別。學員需通過一系列的考核以獲取Harmony的認可導師資格,這標示著其對行業的貢獻與熱誠,及成為最優秀的美甲技師的志向。







The following are the Educators recognized by Harmony for the Hong Kong and Macau districts.  Our Educators regularly participate in various exchanges which are held by Harmony in various countries, and to bring the latest knowledge and skills back to Hong Kong.




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